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Pay Lake Website For Sale

Pay Lake Website For Sale

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Price: $400.00


Please note the above demo is of a customers website we built and although you will get one just as good it will not be identical to that one you will get your own look.

Pay lake fishing is something we enjoy and being from southern Ohio we have a few choices to go to different pay lakes and so we thought we would start building pay lake websites for customers and thats what brought us to this page.

We will set the website up where you can add new pages and links as well as categories and we will add a blog to it so you can blog about your website and pay lake.

You will need a hosting account for this web site with us which will cost you $10.99 a month.

You will also need a domain name which you can get from us at cheaper then most other places.

We will be able to add a store for you to sell products from or we can use affiliate places like google adsense or amazon or ebay to the website so you can make money from it other then just giving information.

These days no matter what type of business you own if you do not have a website you are missing out on a lot of money I mean sure they can call your pay lake and ask hours but they are only going to ask so much over the phone as to where if you had a website you can put all your information on it for them.

We set the website up to be ready for search engines so that saves you a lot of money that you normally would pay a seo company you can use that money to buy more bait or fishing tackle or advertising.

T2 Pay Lake reported to us they have had a lot of calls and customers say they looked at the website first before coming or calling and people coming from miles away reported they loved it that T2 Pay Lake had the website and if you look they keep it very up to date with the tournaments and such they are having.