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Hair Salon Spa website for sale

Let us do all the work for you we start out by registering the domain name for you if needed and setting up the hosting account. After we get your spa/ salon/ hair cuts website online we will get it ready for the search engines and get it submitted. The website cost $1000.00 then our services to do your seo and keep your website updated for you is only $200.00 a month.

No matter if you do hair care, facials, spas, or any kind of salon or all the above we can build a website to fit your needs and take care of it for you if you need us to. We can have you ranked at top of all search engines in no time for your local area. I mean if you only do facials you dont want a bunch of traffic for manicures.

This is where we come in at we not only make sure your website looks good but we also make sure your website gets in search engines for free results when people search which is best this way you get traffic for free from major search engines you might of heard this called SEO or SEM.

if anything on your website is not working or you find broken links or images or you need something added we do it all for you at no extra cost.

We constantly everyday update your website so you are always getting the best ranking possible in all search engines like google, aol,  yahoo, bing.

We will also run campaigns for you if you need us to at no extra cost at all at places like google adwords


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